MPC employee earns top place in Army competition

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Employee receives commendation for army best warrior competition

Ariyo Bello, a Gathering and Processing engineer at the Javelina facility in Texas, recently placed first in an Army Best Warrior competition, earning an Army Commendation Medal.

Bello is a member of the Army Reserve. The four-day competition included physical challenges such as an eight-mile run while carrying a 35-pound ruck pack, Army Physical Fitness Test, Army Combat Fitness Test, dead-man carries, weapon skills, land navigation, first aid, communication and various mystery events. Bello also completed both oral and written exams as part of the competition.

“Your impressive knowledge of military subjects, superb military appearance and bearing, awareness of world events, duty performance and overall professionalism reflect your noted accomplishment,” reads a certificate awarded to Bello. “Your achievement reflects credit upon yourself, the 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), and the United States Army Reserve.” It was signed and presented by Brigadier General Alex Fink, Commanding General, 4th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), U.S. Army Reserve.
While Bello has been a member of the Reserves for approximately four years, this was his first time competing at this level. He hopes to participate each year that he is qualified.

“Even though it was a competition, it was also a great training event,” said Bello. “It challenges you mentally and physically on things you need to BE, KNOW and DO as a soldier in the U.S. Army Reserve. MPC has a great policy that supports its employees in the Army Reserve/National guard – not only allowing them to fulfill their military obligations but also to excel in them.”