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We believe sustainability is a process that creates shared value by working to help society achieve economic growth, environmental preservation and resource conservation, thereby creating shared value with our many stakeholders.

What Sustainability Means to Us

We view sustainability as the fundamental process of shared value creation, in which strategic investment and innovation help our society achieve economic growth, environmental preservation and resource conservation to address the needs of future generations. Sustainability at MPC consists of five areas: leading in sustainable energy, conserving natural resources and reducing waste, creating shared value and opportunity, promoting safety and operating with integrity.

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Leading in Sustainable Energy

Learn about our commitment to reduce the carbon intensity of our products.

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Conserving Natural Resources and Reducing Waste

See how we demonstrate our 
commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Creating Shared Value and Opportunity

Learn about how we value our people and communities.


Promoting Safety

See how safety is paramount at MPC.

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Operating with Integrity

Read about how integrity is expected at MPC.

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Political Engagement and Disclosure

Discover our involvement and political transparency.

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Reports and Policies

View our policies, corporate
governance documents, performance data, indices and archived reports.

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Climate-Related Scenarios Planning

Our corporate value of environmental stewardship means we scrutinize everything we do to assess the impact on our immediate surroundings and the world at large while delivering the fuels that make modern life possible. This approach is evident in our annual publication Perspectives on Climate-Related Scenarios, which follows the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The report highlights how we’ve invested billions of dollars to reduce greenhouse gases and other emissions, to make our operations more energy efficient, and to adapt our business strategy to be more resilient.

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