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Map of Marathon Petroleum Operations in Refining, Midstream and Retail

MPC at a Glance

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  • 13 Refineries
    • 12 States
    • 2.9 million Barrels per calendar day
      crude oil refining capacity
  • Washington

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 119,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 380
    • Fast Fact: Products are distributed through pipeline connected terminals and MPC's marine terminal via ships and barges.

    View Anacortes

  • Ohio

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 100,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 330
    • Fast Fact: Supply consists of sweet and sour crude oils, including production from the nearby Utica shale.

    View Canton

  • Kentucky

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 291,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 760
    • Fast Fact: MPC completed construction of a condensate splitter in 2015, increasing the refinery's capacity to process condensate from the Utica shale region.

    View Catlettsburg

  • Michigan

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 140,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 500
    • Fast Fact: It is the only petroleum refinery in Michigan.

    View Detroit

  • Texas
    El Paso

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 133,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 390
    • Fast Fact: The refinery was originally two facilities.

    View El Paso

  • Texas
    Galveston Bay

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 593,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 1,550
    • Fast Fact: The refinery has access to the export market and multiple options to sell refined products.

    View Galveston Bay

  • Louisiana

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 585,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 920
    • Fast Fact: Located along the Mississippi River, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, the Garyville refinery is one of the largest refineries in the U.S.

    View Garyville

  • Alaska

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 68,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 240
    • Fast Fact: The refinery processes mainly Alaska domestic crude along with limited international crude.

    View Kenai

  • California
    Los Angeles

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 363,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 1,480
    • Fast Fact: The Los Angeles refinery is the largest refinery on the West Coast and is a major producer of clean fuels.

    View Los Angeles

  • North Dakota

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 71,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 310
    • Fast Fact: The refinery began operations in 1954.

    View Mandan

  • Illinois

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 253,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 650
    • Fast Fact: The refinery was built in 1906 and purchased by MPC in 1924.

    View Robinson

  • Utah
    Salt Lake City

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 66,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 300
    • Fast Fact: The refinery began operations in 1908 and is now the largest in Utah.

    View Salt Lake City

  • Minnesota
    St. Paul Park

    • Crude Oil Capacity: 105,000 bpcd
    • Employees: Approx. 370
    • Fast Fact: The refinery is located along the Mississippi River southeast of St. Paul Park, Minnesota and was originally built in 1939.

    View St. Paul Park

  • 1 High-growth mlp MPLX LP
    • 112 Terminals
    • 11+ Billion Cubic Ft/ Day
      Processing Capacity
  • 2 strong brands:Marathon® and Arco®
    • ~7,100Branded Locations
    • ~1,100 Direct Dealer Locations, Primarily in California

A shot of the Garryville Refinery at twilightRefining

We operate the nation's largest refining system with approximately 2.9 million barrels per day of crude oil capacity across 13 refineries.


Riverboat transporting fuel Midstream

Our Midstream segment primarily includes the operations of MPLX,  MPC's sponsored master limited partnership.


Girl pumping gas at a Marathon stationRetail

We have two strong brands: Marathon and ARCO that fuel the needs of the motoring public.