Industrial Petroleum Products

Knoxville Ashalt Terminal

It is easy to think of a refining company in terms of its ability to produce gasoline and diesel fuel. But at MPC, we produce and market a variety of industrial products as well, including specialty products and asphalt. In fact, the petrochemicals we make are used in the production of everything from credit cards to heart valves.

Making the Products That We All Use

Several of the products we make are common ingredients in a variety of household items that people rely on every day. Some of these products include household goods, carpeting, PVC pipes and specialty products that are essential ingredients in our modern way of life.

Marathon Petroleum employee working with chemicals in a LAB


We have refinery-based asphalt production capacity of up to 136,000 bpcd, which includes asphalt cements, polymer-modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, industrial asphalts and roofing flux. We have a broad customer base, including asphalt-paving contractors, government entities (states, counties, cities and townships) and asphalt roofing shingle manufacturers. We sell asphalt in the domestic and export wholesale markets via rail, barge and vessel. For more information on our asphalt products, please visit our asphalt site.

Feedstocks and Petrochemicals

We are a producer and marketer of feedstocks and petrochemicals. Product availability varies by refinery and includes naptha, raffinate, benzene, butane, alkylate, dry gas, xylene, propylene, cumene, platformate and toluene. We market these products domestically to customers in the chemical, agricultural and fuel-blending industries.

In addition, we produce fuel-grade coke at our Garyville, Detroit, Galveston Bay and Los Angeles refineries, which is used for power generation and in miscellaneous industrial applications, and anode-grade coke at our Los Angeles and Robinson refineries, which is used to make carbon anodes for the aluminum smelting industry. For more details on our heavy products and petrochemicals, please visit our heavy products site.

Examples of how petrochemicals are used around your home


We operate the nation's largest refining system with approximately 2.9 million barrels per day of crude oil capacity across 13 refineries.



We transport natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and refined products via pipelines, terminals and waterborne vessels. Learn more about MPC's midstream business. 



Marathon brand and ARCO gas stations are located across the U.S. and Northern Mexico so that you can stay fueled and on the road to where you're going.