Marathon Petroleum sponsorship fuels young driver’s racing dreams

Community News

Stichal poses with her Marathon branded racecar in Alaska.

Marathon Petroleum’s Kenai refinery is supporting its local racing community and a young driver who is tearing up the tracks. The refinery sponsored Stichal Racing amateur driver Madalyn “Mady” Stichal, a 17-year-old from Nikiski, Alaska, for the 2021 racing season. The teen finished the season on top with first place wins in Sprint Car and B-Stock night races at the Twin City Raceway.

“The season ended just how we hoped!” said Stichal’s father Ray Stichal. “Mady has big goals, and she can drive. This sponsorship is helping her accomplish those goals.”

She’s been behind the wheel of a race car since she was 13 years old; now she’s a high school senior preparing to graduate with honors. Stichal has dreams of becoming a professional race car driver. She keeps her younger fans top of mind when she’s at school, volunteering in the community, or racing around the track.

“Being a younger female driver is definitely amazing, and I’ve grown to become a role model for other young girls. Seeing them look up to me pushes and motivates me to get better. I want to show them that if you put your mind to something, it can happen.” 

Marathon Petroleum has been a longtime sponsor of the Twin City Raceway in Kenai.

“I remember seeing Marathon Petroleum sponsor so many cars on the track, and now for them to sponsor me is like a dream come true,” said Stichal. “I hope to inspire others with positive messages. I tell younger kids and young females that winning isn’t everything. You can lose and still gain and learn from it. Sometimes a bad day can turn into a good one quickly, so never give up!”