MPC Powers Career Dreams for Texas Teenagers

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MPC's Donation check to Texas Independent Industrial Trade Center in Galvestion Bay

Galveston Bay refinery Human Resources Manager Keith Hightower (third from the left) presented MPC’s donation during a meeting of the school district’s board of trustees.

MPC is helping hundreds of teenagers from areas near the Galveston Bay refinery gain industrial skills that are in high demand by employers across the surrounding region. Refinery representatives on June 8 presented a $100,000 check from the Marathon Petroleum Foundation to the Texas City Independent School District’s Industrial Trades Center (ITC) for internships, continuing education, dual credit programs, student scholarships, equipment and supplies over the next year.

“We wanted to thank the school district for enhancing the learning experiences for all our students to support the success of Texas City and our Galveston Bay refinery,” said the refinery’s Human Resources Manager Keith Hightower, who took part in the presentation at a school district board meeting. “MPC played a key role in the development of the center as part of our strategy to make students aware of, and qualified for, the many incredible job opportunities that exist within MPC and broader industry.”

Through Galveston Bay refinery representatives, MPC was instrumental in bringing about the 2017 launch of the ITC by working with other organizations in the area to arrange the necessary planning and funding. MPC provided curriculum guidance and financial resources, as well as donated a crane, forklift and other equipment and supplies. Since the ITC’s creation, MPC has continued to support the facility as an ITC Community Partner through various forms of annual assistance.

The 30,000-square-foot complex has the capacity for as many as 400 students. It offers training in seven trades: maritime, construction, welding, pipefitting, instrumentation, electrical and machinist. All students also have opportunities to receive certifications on heavy equipment simulators that help them learn how to operate mobile cranes, excavators, bulldozers and forklifts.

This video provides a detailed overview of MPC’s partnership with the ITC, including comments from students about how they benefit.

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