Lost pelican gets second chance at the Martinez Renewable Fuels facility

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JD Bergeron, CEO of International Bird Rescue (middle) with Nichol Carranza, Thomas Ng and Garrett Charles from the Martinez Renewable Fuels facility releasing the White Pelican. 

The Martinez Renewable Fuels facility in Martinez, California, recently gained a new resident who was relocated with a second chance at life. In early March, two men spotted an American White Pelican, camouflaged in the snow, in South Lake Tahoe. They safely took the lost pelican to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. Caretakers stabilized and transported the bird to the International Bird Rescue, where it stayed for two weeks to recover.

American White Pelicans generally inhabit inland shallow freshwater lakes and marshes in the summer and coastal lagoons in the winter. This young pelican may have been migrating to Pyramid Lake, a busy breeding area in Nevada northeast of Lake Tahoe.

“When wild birds are found in unusual locations, it’s a sign they need help,” said Russ Curtis from International Bird Rescue. “Thanks to the rescuers who recognized the urgency and quickly took action, this bird avoided suffering from hypothermia and other dire consequences.”

Once it was healthy enough to live on its own, the pelican was released at the Martinez Renewable Fuels facility, which borders the Point Edith Wildlife area. Marathon is a steward of the 760-acre natural habitat that consists of sloughs and small ponds. It is home to a variety of wildlife including ducks, fish, raccoons, snakes, mice and frogs.

“Marathon has been a longtime supporter of International Bird Rescue and supports its mission to rescue, rehab and release wildlife,” said Nichol Carranza, Community Investment Lead at Marathon. “It was such a joy to be part of this particular rescue and see the mission in action.”

Since 2018, Marathon has donated more than $800,000 to International Bird Rescue for a variety of programs and initiatives across California.