Garyville participates in ‘Hiring Our Heroes’

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Garyville’s new Warehouse Supervisor, Brian Anderson (left), with his supervisor, Supply Chain Manager Ken Clement
Garyville’s new Warehouse Supervisor, Brian
Anderson (left), with his supervisor, Supply
Chain Manager Ken Clement

When a job came up at MPC’s Garyville, Louisiana, refinery, a search began for the most highly qualified candidate. A promising applicant was eventually identified, with the help of LinkedIn® and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program (CFP).

Turns out, he was not only the best man for the job, but also a military veteran. At his official retirement on May 8, U.S. Army Major Brian Anderson will formally join MPC as warehouse supervisor.          

Among the applicants, Anderson stood out from the start, according to Garyville Supply Chain Manager Ken Clement. “Brian was very organized, forthright in his responses and extremely respectful – not to mention well prepared,” Clement notes. “At one point, he pulled out a 90-day plan and flow chart, detailing what he would propose in terms of operations and budget management. He put a lot of thought into what he wanted to accomplish, showing he took the position seriously. We knew ‘this was the guy.’”

A 24-year military veteran and Northern California native, Anderson earned a master’s degree in supply chain management and logistics at the University of Maryland. He accepted leadership roles with increasing responsibilities throughout his military career, most recently serving in South Korea as deputy director of operations for a 450-member organization.

Anderson learned about the Hiring Our Heroes Program during an information briefing at Ft. Hood. “Its primary purpose is to help members of the U.S. military transition to the civilian workforce,” notes Anderson. “Hiring Our Heroes includes a 12-week program, during which participating companies provide hands-on experience for participants who are carefully matched with companies based on skill and preference.”

Prior to his retirement, Anderson knew very little about Marathon Petroleum. That’s certainly not the case now. “I could talk about it for hours,” Anderson notes. “MPC’s reputation is second to none, and I appreciate the professionalism and teamwork of its people,” he adds.

“I look forward to working with some very smart people, and that makes me extraordinarily happy.”