Dickinson Refinery

Overhead view of the Dickinson Refinery


Our Dickinson refinery is located four miles west of Dickinson, North Dakota. The refinery has a crude oil capacity of 19,000 barrels per calendar day (bpcd), The Dickinson refinery primarily processes domestic crude oil from North Dakota and manufactures ultra-low sulfur diesel and gasoline blendstocks, which are distributed by truck and rail. 

MPC plans to convert this refinery into a 12,000 bpcd, 100 percent renewable diesel facility, which will process refined soy oil and other organically derived feedstocks, by December 2020.

Health, Safety and Environment

At MPC, the health and safety of our employees is of paramount concern. We take steps to ensure an accident-free, incident-free workplace no matter where it is. Due to that commitment, we've implemented safety measures and been recognized as a leader in safety.

At the same time, we are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. As such, we are involved in multiple programs, support several organizations and implement various initiatives that aim to protect our environment and the local communities in which we operate.

Below is a list of accolades and accomplishments that we've earned at our Dickinson refinery.

  • The refinery is a state-of-the-art facility utilizing modern emission-control technology
  • Utilizes recycled water from the city of Dickinson’s wastewater treatment plant


At Marathon Petroleum, we know that community is important. It's why we do what we do every day. So, aside from fueling the Dickinson area, we also make it a priority to be actively involved in efforts that have a positive impact on the community. Listed below are some of the ways that we do just that.

  • Richardton Rural Fire Department - replacement of self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Western Wellness Foundation – supporting the Crisis Shelter
  • American Red Cross – West Dakota Chapter 2018 – 2019 home fire campaign

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