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From our TOP TIER™ gasoline with STP® additives to our high quality Marathon® diesel and Performance Series motor oil, we fuel the American Spirit. 

Gasolines That Improve Engine Performance

Marathon gasoline is certified TOP TIER™, providing a higher level of STP® detergent additive for an even greater cleaning power. Marathon gasoline fights the accumulation of harmful deposits and improves the performance of your vehicle's engine. Choosing Marathon gasoline will help to:

  • Optimize fuel economy
  • Remove deposit buildup
  • Reduce emissions
  • Restore lost power

sEe the Benefits of our Gasoline

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Marathon Petroleum truck at a Marathon Brand Gas Station

Diesel That Keeps Commerce Truckin'

Diesel engines love Marathon diesel fuels. When you’re looking for high-quality diesel fuel for your truck or diesel car, look no further than Marathon. Whether you’re working hard or driving the team to soccer, Marathon diesel fuel can provide the necessary power to meet all the needs of your hard-working diesel engine.

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Marathon Lubricants Because Performance Matters

We know how important your car is to you, so we make our Performance Series line of motor oils to very high-quality standards. Representative of Marathon’s top performing products, the name speaks to everything we stand for as a brand: Quality … Dependability … Peace of Mind.

Marathon provides a FULL line of high quality automatic transmission fluids, passenger and heavy-duty motor oils, hydraulic oils, gear lubes, endurance oils and greases.

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Equipment moving glycerin

Renewable Fuels

Marathon Petroleum owns a biofuel production facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, that produces biodiesel, glycerin and other byproducts. The capacity of the plant is approximately 70 million gallons per year. We also hold interests in ethanol production facilities in Albion, Michigan; Clymers, Indiana; and Greenville, Ohio. These plants have a combined ethanol production capacity of 415 million gallons per year and are managed by a co-owner.

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We transport natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil and refined products via pipelines, terminals and waterborne vessels. Learn more about MPC's midstream business. 


Industrial Products

We're committed to fueling America, so we offer a variety of industrial petroleum based products. From asphalt to heavy oil to petrochemicals, we have everything you need to fuel your business.

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Marathon brand and ARCO gas stations are located across the U.S. and Northern Mexico so that you can stay fueled and on the road to where you're going.