Tijuana ARCO® stations join Punto Naranja initiative

Community News

The entire ARCO® network, across the northern Mexico state of Tijuana, is now designated as a Punto Naranja, or Orange Point.
Part of the Safe Tijuana for Women and Girls campaign, Orange Points are public locations where women can go if they are fearful of, or have been a victim of, violence or sexual harassment. ARCO® station managers will be trained to assist with incidents of community violence and will have emergency contact information for local authorities.

“At Marathon, we believe that we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate,” said Leo Girón, director of marketing in Mexico. “A core value of ours is safety – and that means protecting our co-workers as much as protecting our community.“

Created by the Municipal Institute for Women (IMMUJER), Orange Points were developed upon three pillars: A commitment to stop violence against girls and women, provide support to women who have been victims of community violence and promote safe mobility and equal development of all people.

Crimes against women have dramatically increased in Mexico in recent years. A report from Mexico’s Interior Ministry indicates that femicides (meaning that a woman’s gender was part of the reason for her murder) rose an average of 25% annually over the past five years. The ministry also reports that sex crimes, including rape and harassment, have increased in Mexico by 64% since 2015.

Each ARCO® location in Tijuana will feature the “Punto Naranja” logo, signaling to females facing trouble that the station is a safe place and they can receive help inside. Future plans include expanding Punto Naranja to other ARCO stations across Mexico.

“Marathon is excited be a part of Tijuana,” adds Girón. “We will continue to seek out opportunities that enhance life’s possibilities for the community and its citizens.”