MPLX receives national recognition

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MPLX employees

MPLX recently was recognized by Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business for analyzing their blue water fleet to save money, while also reducing emissions. The Drexel LeBow Analytics 50 is a national recognition of industry analytics distinction where 50 companies are honored for their use of analytics to solve business challenges.

In 2017, the fleet conducted a six-month analytics pilot to obtain historical speed, mileage and fuel data for at-sea travel with a goal to slow down vessels to reduce speed and use less fuel, while still meeting scheduled deliveries.

The collected data was used to develop baselines for fuel usage and typical speeds for three classes of vessels with varying efficiency levels. Working with captains and maintenance experts, MPLX set economical operating conditions and speeds for each vessel class. For six months, schedulers identified trips to run at economic speeds and gathered fuel consumption on those trips.

The results revealed significant findings and MPLX implemented an economic speed for all ocean-going vessels. Since implementation, they have decreased their ocean-going fuel usage by 20%, saving MPC more than $2 million last year. MPC also saved 1.18 million gallons of diesel fuel through fuel optimization, which prevented 10,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2017.

Other third-party marine shipping providers have been inspired by MPLX’s efforts, beginning to create their own initiatives.

“Enhancing overall efficiency was key to optimizing the supply chain. Focusing in on vessel speed and fuel usage helped to minimize bottlenecks, particularly with vessels stacking up at certain destination facilities,” shared Marine Logistics and Commercial Manager Vince Petrella. “Using analytics helped us prove we can achieve efficiency, and I would like to see where we can continue to improve our supply chain to improve efficiency.”