Executives, interns and co-ops gather for MAIN Event

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interns and co-ops with executive

Each term, MPC interns and co-ops gather to gain insight into the business of MPC on a regular basis and at various events sponsored by the Intern Co-op Advisory Board (ICAB). Many times, these events focus on diversity and inclusion, learning the business or getting to know one another better. But one event, the Marathon Afternoon Intern Networking (MAIN) Event, brings all the Findlay-based interns and co-ops together to learn and network from MPC’s top executives.

 This term, the MAIN Event was led by Mike Hennigan, president of MPLX. Interns and co-ops were invited to ask questions of the executives on the panel. At the end of the Q&A, participants enjoyed an informal time of networking.

 “The MAIN Event was a wonderful opportunity for all the interns to meet some of the leadership here at MPC,” shared Eden Eisel, Marketing intern (Miami University). “During this event, I heard about the different walks of life the executives come from and received guidance from people who have encountered success in their careers.”

 Questions answered at the event ranged from how interns and employees can shift the negative public perception of our business, to how to advance careers in the company and what opportunities MPC can provide to employees. Most questions circled back to the key theme of continual growth and learning to reach success.

 “To me, the most inspiring part was that the company’s leaders were transparent in the idea that we, as young professionals, will be challenged,” shared Eisel. “We were reminded that there will be instances when we will be out of our comfort zones and, at those times, we will grow and become better for it. As an intern, this helped me envision a future with MPC.”