Celebrating Marathon Petroleum’s safe drivers

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From congested city streets to long hauls through the desert, drivers for Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) travel through it all—some reaching 100,000 miles on the road every year to keep America moving.

Driving for MPC takes hard work and dedication. MPC is proud to recognize their effort and announce that in 2020 close to 200 of our drivers from across the company’s operations went a full year without a preventable incident.

“This is an outstanding achievement,” said Jocko Langlois, District Manager of Fleet Operations East. “And it helps MPC maintain a great reputation in the industry as a safe operator.”

In all, 192 drivers earned this safe driving achievement for a full 365 days – no easy feat, when you consider the varied conditions and countless miles these men and women traverse annually, delivering feedstocks and products safely to every corner of this country.

These drivers have not only proven a safe driving record is possible, but achievable, through proper training and with the right mindset. Not only are our drivers delivering our products safely, but their behaviors behind the wheel are keeping other drivers on the road safe as well.

Congratulations to our 2020 – 365 Safe Drivers.

Learn more about current opportunities to join our team at www.DriveforMPC.com.  

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