Celebrating 80 years of the St. Paul Park refinery

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St. Paul Park, Foundation

When the St. Paul Park refinery looked to mark 80 years of operations, they wanted to ensure the Twin Cities community was part of the celebration. For the event, dubbed 80 for 80, refinery employees were asked to nominate local organizations that they believe have an impact on the community. A total of 80 organizations were selected to each receive a $1,000 donation.

The outreach culminated at a formal 80 for 80 celebration, where the organizations gathered with refinery employees, Community Advisory Panel members, elected officials, safety responders and other dignitaries.

“When we first looked at how to best celebrate 80 years, we wanted to include those in this community who inspire us,” said St. Paul Park General Manager Amy Macak. “We asked our colleagues to share the names of organizations that inspire them, and heard back loud and strong. Some of the nonprofits were well known. Others were new names. But they all play a significant role in our community.”

“The celebration was fantastic, but it was truly heartfelt when several of the schools shared photos of the students thanking Marathon for the donation,” said State Government Affairs Manager Kate Blair. “We also saw bipartisan support online from our elected officials, reinforcing the powerful impact this event had and the important role we play in the community.”

In her remarks, Macak thanked the community for the significant role they have played in the safe, successful operations of the refinery since 1939. “You’ve been supportive. You’ve been trusting. You’ve truly been our partner,” she said to a crowd of 150. “You’ve supplied the workforce – the man and woman power – that in turn, has powered this community. We are fully aware of our responsibility to operate safely, with a stringent commitment to environmental stewardship and dedicated corporate citizenship, and will continue to work every day to exceed these obligations and continue to earn your trust.”