Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and the products we process; improving the energy efficiency of our operations; and working with others to improve energy efficiency within the manufacturing, consumer and transportation sectors.

What is “Carbon Intensity” and why does it matter?

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We have reduced our greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity significantly since 2014 through our energy efficiency measures and the diversification of our portfolio. Overall, our energy efficiency efforts have avoided emitting millions of tons of GHGs per year. In addition, our natural gas processing and fractionation facilities have lowered our company-wide GHG intensity since acquisition in late 2015.

Our GHG emissions reduction performance is an indicator of how efficiently we operate our facilities and our reduction target drives us to implement initiatives that reduce the GHG emissions intensity of our company. It encompasses both Scope 1 emissions — direct emissions from our operations — and Scope 2 emissions — indirect emissions from the electricity and steam we purchase to support our business activities.

In 2022, we also established a 2030 target to reduce absolute Scope 3 - Category 11 GHG emissions by 15% below 2019 levels. MPC's Scope 3 target covers “Category 11: Use of Sold Products,” for products manufactured at the company's refineries. Informed by guidance from the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) and IPIECA, the calculation of Scope 3, Category 11 emissions is based on refinery yields because MPC's refinery yields are larger than marketed volumes. Click here for more information on MPC's targets and actions to reduce climate-related risks.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of our key metrics with both environmental and financial benefits. By identifying where energy can be conserved cost-effectively, we reduce our operating costs, save our shareholders money and reduce our environmental footprint.

Our "Focus on Energy" program is our holistic approach to improving energy efficiency in our operations while continuing to drive energy improvements and reduce GHG emissions. In the past decade, our Focus on Energy program helped us avoid the equivalent of nearly 2 billion Btu/hr of energy use, or roughly the same amount of energy used by about 100,000 homes in one year.

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MPLX GP Methane Intensity

Reducing Methane Emissions

Through MPC's master limited partnership, MPLX LP, we operate one of the largest natural gas gathering and processing networks in the country. Natural gas, which consists primarily of methane, emits half the carbon dioxide of coal when used to generate electricity. Given this significant advantage, coal-to-gas switching for power generation is one of the best “quick win” strategies that can be employed to reduce near-term GHG emissions. Our commitment to voluntarily reduce methane emissions maximizes the climate benefits of natural gas investments.

We have established MPLX’s “Focus on Methane” program as a holistic approach to voluntarily reduce methane emissions along all aspects of MPLX’s natural gas gathering and processing operations. Some key focus areas we are actively addressing include reducing emissions from pipeline launchers and receivers, lowering fugitive emissions from equipment, replacing pneumatic controllers, evaluating compressor rod packing and optimizing maintenance venting.

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