Operational Excellence Management System


Achieving operational excellence requires a clear understanding of business goals, an environment of trust and the opportunity to grow and realize our own potential. Our Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) provides a systemic approach to advancing performance by outlining requirements that will enable us to achieve our goals and ensure our long-term success.

Our OEMS is built on the foundation of globally recognized Health, Environment, Safety, Security, Product Quality (HESS&PQ) and sustainability industry standards RC14001® and ISO 9001 and best practices and lessons learned from our management systems journeys over the last several decades. Our operations are 100% in scope of our OEMS, which has been reviewed by a third-party for alignment with RC14001® and ISO 9001.


Our OEMS framework includes:

  • Seven focus areas, which align with our HESS&PQ and sustainability requirements and risks and guide development of our processes and programs.
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, which is at the core of many management system, provides an iterative process to ensure continual improvement. Our elements are considered and applied to processes and programs to facilitate PDCA.
  • Our culture. Combining our processes and programs with our exceptional people, who are accountable to exhibit operational discipline and shared ownership, we can ensure we are doing what we say we are doing. We are all responsible for speaking up with ideas and concerns and continually improving our HESS&PQ and sustainability performance.OEMS Elements Equation

Standards and Compliance

We complement our OEMS with performance-based standards that set organizational expectations.  Corporate subject matter experts support the HESS&PQ Management Committee in maintaining company policies and establish and maintain corporate standards, which align with corporate policies. Standards are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changes in regulatory requirements, include recommendations arising from audits and incident investigations, incorporate stakeholder feedback and continually improve performance.

Business units implement processes and programs to maintain regulatory compliance and conformance to company standards. Responsibility for HESS&PQ performance lies with each MPC facility manager and ultimately with the head of each business unit. HESS&PQ professionals are employed throughout our business units to provide guidance and support for HESS&PQ matters.



Our OEMS is led by the Vice President Environmental, Safety and Security, who reports directly to the CEO. All levels of leadership are accountable for the effectiveness of our OEMS. Leadership reinforces our culture, enables performance, and leads by example.

Our executive leadership team meets at least quarterly with key HESS&PQ and sustainability leaders throughout our company to set targets, measure progress, and drive continual performance improvement.

The executive leadership team has established several cross-functional executive committees, which help ensure our objectives are incorporated into our OEMS processes and programs and cascaded throughout the organization. Click here to view our leadership structure.


Periodic audits are a critical aspect of our OEMS that assess HESS&PQ and sustainability processes and programs to ensure effective risk management, compliance and conformance with our requirements and company standards.

We use a multi-layered approach to HESS&PQ auditing consisting of self-audits at the local level and collaborative audits conducted by internal and external subject matter experts.

  • Self-audits are focused on compliance and conformance
  • Collaborative audits are in-depth audits focused on compliance, conformance, OEMS alignment and process or program maturity. Collaborative audits also review the effectiveness of self-audits.

In each layer of the audit process, corrective and preventive actions are developed and executed to address findings and their cause. Findings and best practices identified during audits are shared across organizations. Significant findings and audit trends are communicated to leadership and senior management.

Our OEMS is also third-party reviewed for alignment with RC14001®. Both corporate and operating business units participate in these attestation reviews.

Awareness and Training

  • OEMS Playbook – Published to further embed our OEMS across the company and provide employees with resources that support continual improvement and risk management. Click here to view our OEMS Playbook.
  • Employee Feedback − Employees are encouraged to provide MPC with continual improvement and risk management ideas by emailing [email protected].
  • OEMS Center of Excellence – A companywide forum for sharing best practices and lessons learned and promoting continual improvement. The forum includes employees tasked at ensuring management system approaches across MPC align with the OEMS framework. They also develop attestation audit recommendations, engage in collaborative audit conversations and create OEMS awareness training and content for use companywide.

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