Integrity in All We Do

Aerial view of the Marathon Petroleum campus


Integrity is Expected

If you view the pages of our company history, you'll note we have American roots. The company was birthed from and built on strong values, something of which we are all very proud. Honesty and integrity are and always will be very important to us. That is why our company adheres to very strict governance practices and operates transparently in all engagements.


Old Marathon Petroleum Gas Station

Marathon employees reading notes from a notebook

Critical Oversight

Responsibility for risk oversight begins with our Board of Directors. Several subcommittees are in place to assist and advise the full board about a variety of matters: financial and accounting, regulatory compliance, compensation practices and programs, governance issues, sustainability and much more. Our Board receives data security updates that include cybersecurity resilience information and emerging trends, as well as updates on company initiatives in this area.

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