Corporate Citizenship Commitment

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony from the Playground Expansion at Miracle Park

Being A Good Neighbor

At Marathon Petroleum, we're proud of the things we do to support the communities in which we live. 

Our employees are making a difference. We are building and maintaining wildlife habitats, being advocates for diversity and inclusion, helping communities rebuild after natural disasters, supporting local science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs and much more. 

Community Investments

At Marathon Petroleum, community investment is an integral part of our business. We believe that promoting and contributing to the health and vitality of our communities is essential to our success. We focus our resources where we can have the greatest impact and on issues that affect the long-term value of our assets and communities.

We seek out innovative programs that align with our values and goals. We are a major supporter of United Way to address a broad scope of health and human services needs in the communities in which we operate. We also champion education, providing scholarships that empower the socially or economically disadvantaged, and provide opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

Of course, no two Marathon Petroleum locations are alike. As a result, we have local charitable giving committees at some of our locations to best direct local community investments. To learn more, send us an email.

Human Rights and Core Values

At Marathon Petroleum Corporation, our core values, as found in our Code of Business Conduct and Citizenship Report, reinforced by our Board of Directors and executive management team, and promoted throughout our business and operations, are Health and Safety, Environmental Stewardship, Integrity, Corporate Citizenship and an Inclusive Culture. With these values as the foundation of our corporate culture, we work to make a positive difference in the communities where we have the privilege to operate. We respect the human, cultural and legal rights of all individuals and communities and promote the goals and principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our commitment extends to the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, including indigenous people, regardless of race, color, national origin or income level.

Key policies and disclosures that reflect our commitments regarding human rights and corporate citizenship include:

These disclosures provide transparency into how we pursue our business objectives and manage the risks inherent to energy-sector companies such as ours.

As a predominantly U.S. domestic company, we recognize that our federal and state governments have the primary responsibility for protecting human rights and ensuring the rights of indigenous people within the U.S. There are robust permitting processes for energy facility and infrastructure projects that provide a means of public comment and participation, and judicial oversight is, of course, a hallmark of our domestic system of government. But we in business have a role as well. Marathon Petroleum Corporation is proud of our commitment to our core values and invite our investors and other stakeholders to review these important materials.