Speedway’s consumer data security efforts get attention

Business News

Nearly 40 million Americans fill up their gas tanks every day, and over 70% of those transactions are paid for at the pump with a credit or debit card. Speedway understands that security of personal and financial data is important.

To combat fraud and better protect your data, Speedway has invested over $130 million in new pump technology. To date, Speedway has upgraded more than 15,000 dispensers at over 3,000 Speedway locations, with more coming online as stores convert to the Speedway brand. This investment has put Speedway at the forefront of the convenience store industry. In fact, Speedway has met the outside dispenser data security standards well ahead of the October 2020 deadline.

This major effort has several complementary components:

  • The physical design of the upgraded card swipe provides enhanced safety from the installation of skimming devices on the outside of the dispenser. With very strict design tolerances, it is difficult for skimmers to be installed over the existing card swipe when compared to older models.
  • Experienced criminals can quickly plant hidden skimmer devices inside a dispenser. However, Speedway protects access to the inside of our dispensers by maintaining unique keys and locks for each Speedway location. This is an industry-leading practice as many convenience stores still use “universal” dispenser keys, which are easily obtained and are a skimmer’s best friend. Speedway’s dispensers are also centrally monitored, with electronic notice of any attempt of “destructive entry” triggering immediate dispatch of the appropriate personnel.
  • If a device is somehow installed by a data thief, Speedway’s industry-leading technology securely encrypts the data at the swipe. That data is protected and secure through every point of the transaction. Without an encryption key, any information captured by the skimmer is worthless.
  • The next major step is chip-enabled transactions at the dispenser. This additional layer of security validates the authenticity of the chipped payment card, preventing data thieves from using counterfeit cards with stolen consumer data at Speedway stores. This technological update is currently at over 450 locations and will be at all Speedway locations in 2019.

The big win is for everyone involved in the transaction: the consumer, Speedway, and the credit card companies. Everyone wins when fraud is prevented. Since upgrading our more than 15,000 dispensers (over 30,000 fueling positions!), Speedway has had ZERO skimming incidents.

Speedway’s efforts to keep our customers’ data safe has attracted attention from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the group responsible for consumer protection at the gas pump. Recently, a press conference was held in partnership with Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, local law enforcement, and Speedway’s Senior Director of Engineering and Construction, Brian Lafreniere.

Just one more reason Speedway is the customer’s first choice for value and convenience… and now security of your personal information. Wherever you see the Speedway logo, you can be confident using your payment card at our dispensers is a safe decision.