Speedway’s 54-acre campus includes Certified Wildlife Habitat

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"The Enon Campus has been recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the Wildlife Habitat Council since 1999. We have received the maximum three-year recertification each year since 2001, achieving a Gold Recertification, the highest award given, most recently in 2016."
John Fisher, manager, Administrative Services at Speedway

Speedway’s corporate office complex sits on 54 acres in Enon, Ohio. More than offices and parking lots, Speedway shares its campus with birds, flowers, bees and more through its wildlife habitat.
The Speedway Wildlife Habitat consists of many areas where employees, the community and nature all connect.

  • Wildlife Nature Trail – The one-mile wooded trail is available for employee use. Annual Days of Caring are held, during which employees work together to mulch and maintain the trail.
  • Wildflower Meadow – Wildflowers grow in the 2.2-acre meadow from spring to fall. It has become a popular place for family and high school senior photos to be taken.
  • Native Tall Grass Prairie – The four-acre prairie was originally planted in 1999. It is comprised of six different plantings.
  • Lake – The six-acre lake is stocked with a variety of fish and features an aerating fountain. An annual Catch, Tag, and Release fishing event is held with area Boy Scouts to help with species identification and wildlife conservation.
  • Rock Garden Terrace – The two acres of terraces feature a variety of evergreens, shrubs and flowers that bloom throughout the year while providing food and shelter for various animals and insects.
  • Pollinator Garden – The half-acre garden was established in 2001 and is maintained annually.
  • Nest Monitoring Program – Annually, employees monitor nine bird boxes located throughout the property for approximately nine weeks. Findings are then sent to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s NestWatch network for evaluation.

Speedway LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corp. Speedway is the second-largest chain of company-owned and -operated gasoline and convenience stores in the U.S.