New process vessel makes a long journey to Robinson

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Vessel on the road, aerial view  Ariel view of a large vessel turning a corner  Lower view of the transportation of the large vessel

Photos courtesey of Mammoet

A new process vessel traveled via land and water, through parking lots and corn fields before arriving safely at the Robinson refinery.

The journey began in Oklahoma where a custom engineered 24-axle dolly system was created. With the trailer, the vessel was 300 foot long, 25 foot wide and weighed more than 800,000 pounds. After traveling 32 miles, the vessel was loaded onto a barge at the Port of Catoosa in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where it sailed 946 miles to Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Back on the road, the vessel proceeded 156 miles to its final destination in Robinson, Illinois. Through its journey, the oversize vessel gained attention from spectators and media.

The refinery worked with a transport company, planning for more than six months in advance of the move. The company coordinated with 50 different utility companies and dozens of federal, state and local agencies along the route to secure the successful journey.