Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation recognizes MPC's Los Angeles refinery

Community News

Two men holding the Corporate Responsibility Award

MPC’s Los Angeles refinery recently was recognized by the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation with the Corporate Responsibility Award. The award was presented for the refinery’s superior commitment to safety on the job and in the community.

According to the fire department, the corporate responsibility award is presented to a company that prepares its employees with policies, training, and drills so they may care for one another, their clients and guests in the event of emergencies or disasters.

“The annual Call to Valor award ceremony is held to honor the men and women of the Los Angeles City Fire Department that put their lives on the line to save another’s,” said Randy Hudgens, superintendent of emergency response at the Los Angeles refinery. “It was a true honor to be on stage with the heroic men and women of the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

“To be recognized by an organization as large as the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation as a corporation that is committed to training its employees, customers and community stakeholders is a sign of validation that we as a refinery are doing the right thing by our employees and community. The Los Angeles refinery will always be committed to keeping our employees and stakeholders well trained in what to do in any type of an emergency that may happen,” added Hudgens.