MPC employees participate in Detroit area STEM event

Community News

STEM Community Service Event Day 3

In May, MPC's Michigan Refining Division (MRD) Tech Service team attended a department-wide STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) event associated with the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program (DAPCEP) at the Detroit Science Center.

Approximately 25 MRD volunteers participated in the event, which hosted nearly 1,000 seventh- and eighth-grade students. In addition to assisting with a hands-on experiment and fielding questions from students, MRD employees also led tours through the Science Center and gave out more than 800 items in gift bags.

“We were focused on participating in a STEM community service event with our Tech Service department this year,” says MRD Tech Service Manager Jeremy Theiss. “MRD has been involved in the DAPCEP scholarship program for several years now, so this was a good fit and right in our engineering wheelhouse. It was a good opportunity to explain what we do at the refinery and provide some positive public relations to the community.”

MPC had its own demonstration booth. “The students who came to the MPC booth performed an oil and water separation experiment with vegetable oil and water that produces a lava lamp appearance without heat," explains MRD Refining Engineer Kevin Biolchini.

Volunteers who attended said the students loved the MPC booth and the teachers were going to use that experiment in future science classes. “Tech Service hopes to participate again next year in the event,” added Biolchini.