MPC, Sodexo partnership provides 4,500 meals

Community News

Employee packaging food

Since 2015, MPC employees in Finance, Internal Audit and Tax (FIAT) have been partnering with Sodexo at the Findlay Campus through FIAT’s Food Recovery Program. During that time, more than 5,000 pounds of food, totaling more than 4,500 meals, has been provided to the City Mission of Findlay for its residents.

On Friday afternoons throughout the year, Sodexo provides leftover food that is safe to serve, but is not usable the following week, to Food Recovery Program volunteers. The food is packaged, weighed and transported to the front door of the building where City Mission Executive Director Phil Arnold picks up the filled containers and drops off empty ones from the prior week.

The Food Recovery Program is part of FIAT’s Feed the Hungry Initiative, which also includes the Feed a Child program and a Community Gardens plot in Findlay. Feed a Child provides food to area school children to take home on Fridays for consumption over the weekend. FIAT volunteers also plant, tend and harvest a plot at the Community Gardens where they grow produce to contribute to the Food Recovery Program.

Mark Troyer, senior financial analyst, coordinates the Food Recovery Program with help from Brenda Ladd, senior financial analyst, who serves as backup coordinator. “I enjoy helping with the program,” said Ladd. “I have always had a heart for service, so I really appreciate the company for giving us this opportunity to be representatives of MPC in the community.” Troyer added, “We hope the idea of sharing the excess catches on throughout the Findlay Campus. I encourage other MPC groups to take their leftover food from meetings and events to City Mission; they are so grateful.”

Coordinating the partnership on the Sodexo side is Kira McDonough, general manager of Sodexo at the Findlay Campus. McDonough is happy to see that leftover food is finding its way to those who need it, but acknowledges there is an opportunity for less waste when it comes to food provided for meetings and other events. “In an effort to have less food waste, Sodexo will offer a new catering menu at the Findlay Campus later this year,” notes McDonough. “Sodexo will use a formula that is reliable in determining the quantity of food needed based on the number of persons being served. This should help reduce food waste.”

The new menu complements FIAT's environmental impact statement for the Food Recovery Program: “The Food Recovery Program prevents food waste and packaging from going to landfills. By donating the food that would otherwise be scrapped, we also prevent the waste of other resources that are used to produce or process the food, such as utilities, transportation and storage. Furthermore, preventing such food from going to a landfill reduces the amount of additional methane greenhouse gas emissions and spares available agricultural land that would otherwise be used as a landfill.”