MPC’s first responder training goes viral

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first responder training video screenshot

Identifying a need for better first responder training, MPC’s Terminal, Transport & Rail (TT&R) organization created a web-based video series that has gone viral among the nation’s first responders.

“Without proper training, responding to an incident involving transportation fuels can be very dangerous,” said Tom Lonyo, TT&R safety professional. “We wanted to make sure that any first responder had the education they needed to safely handle these emergencies.” Lonyo and his team in TT&R partnered with MPC’s Graphic Services department to create a web-based video series. The series was offered to first responders at no cost.

Initially, the series was shared only with those first responders within TT&R’s footprint. Then, the link for the training was distributed to county and state emergency management agencies in every state. The agency managers then shared the series with their fire department contacts. To date, the web page has more than 17,000 visits, and more than 5,700 individuals have accessed the course content.

The video series was a collaborative effort involving many people from MPC and third-party organizations. A subject matter expert helped develop a script. Firefighters from MPC’s Ohio Refining Division demonstrated on-camera fire suppression techniques. Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) worked with TT&R to record sessions during their corporate fire school.

Reception for the video has been overwhelmingly positive. “I just wanted to reach out to say ‘wow’ to you and your team,” said a director of emergency management from Michigan. “I have been a Hazardous Materials Instructor for years, including the last three down at the CDP in Anniston, Alabama, and this is by far the most well-constructed training on the DOT 406 and its properties I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing this with our emergency responders in Ottawa County.” Similar feedback was received from first responders across the country.

The video series is available here.