Bronze President's Volunteer Service Award presented to MPC employee

Community News

David Story with award

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the United States last year, the destruction was catastrophic. Many people from around the world stopped what they were doing and made way to the affected areas to offer whatever help they could. MarkWest Business Measurement Analyst David Story was one of those people.

Story volunteers with Team Rubicon, a group he says is, “a veteran-based disaster relief organization made up of veterans, first-responders and brave civilians.”

Story joined Team Rubicon in June 2014 when a friend of a friend was asking around for volunteers for a project involving a retired Army colonel who had lost his home in the Black Forest fire in 2013. “I watched as a tough as nails Army colonel, with tears in his eyes, explained to us the impact and importance of what we were doing. I fell in love with the organization that day,” said Story about his first experience with Team Rubicon.

Since then, Story has logged a remarkable 584 hours of volunteer service with Team Rubicon, and hundreds more with other volunteer organizations. When Hurricane Harvey hit, he trained 25 people in chainsaw use and safety so they could head to areas like Houston and Puerto Rico to help those who had lost so much in the storm.

Due to all the help and time he has given to communities across the United States, and his service in helping the people who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, Story received the Bronze President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2017. The award recognized Story for his many hours of volunteerism in disaster services.

“This award means a lot to me, because it brings a lot of recognition to Team Rubicon in the disaster relief area, so that we can get more volunteers to come out and make a bigger impact.

“I love serving others and being part of something greater than myself. Team Rubicon has given me a greater purpose in life, something that I had been searching for, for a long time. It’s helped me grow my leadership skills, personal skills, hone my instructor skills and compassion for others. On top of all that, it gives me a chance to get outside on the weekends, work with my hands and maybe help someone on their worst day,” said Story.