US map showing transportation system

Terminal, Transport & Marine

64 owned and operated(1) and 60 third-party (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel)
1.4 MMBPCD(2) light product throughput
147 MBPCD(3) light products delivered via Marathon trucks

22 owned and operated(1) and 11 leased heavy oil, coke and asphalt (4) terminals
102.5 MBPCD of asphalt refining capacity
45 MBPCD asphalt terminal throughput

125 owned transport trucks and 267 transport loading racks

16 inland waterway tow boats and 183 barges owned
412 MBPCD light products, heavy oils, asphalt, feedstocks and chemicals
transported by Marine

Approximately 2,400 owned or leased railcars

(1) Includes refinery-owned loading racks at Canton, Ohio, and St. Paul Park, Minn.
(2) Million barrels per calendar day
(3) Thousand barrels per calendar day
(4) Operated seasonally

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Shane Pochard, Public Affairs
Updated: Thursday, April 1, 2010
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