• Gasoline with STP Additives

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Marathon wants to be your brand of choice. Marathon's partnership with STP Additives brings a distinct identity to Marathon’s core Branded product.

The STP brand reputation has been built over nearly 50 years characterized by innovation, performance and great partnerships. STP has the longest running sponsorship in motor sports history and, in fact, in any professional sport. NASCAR fans have seen the STP #43 car on tracks around the country for the past 34 years. The legacy of STP’s affiliation with the #43 car, including its history with racing legend Richard Petty, connects with millions of racing fans.

Marathon® Gasoline with STP® Additives

Got STP? YES, We Do!

Oil companies "well know the worth of putting together the right major brands. But never before has a U.S. Oil company paired with a national additives maker to feature that firm's branded additives in all grades of gasoline – until now."          –  As noted in Oil Express (2006)

Today, Marathon and STP continue this revolutionary relationship that  differentiates Marathon from all other gasolines in its markets. In the fall of 2006, Marathon established a long-term, co-brand relationship with Armor All/STP to use STP (Scientifically Treated Petroleum) Additives, which are recognized for their ability to improve vehicle performance.
Marathon Gasolines Now with STP
Marathon makes its own high quality gasolines measurably cleaner and better with the STP Additives—specially formulated to provide a new level of cleaning power, working with each and every gasoline fill-up. STP Additives deliver the same performance and quality that millions of consumers already know and expect from the STP brand name.

Marathon gasolines feature STP branded Additives in all grades of gasoline. The additives are custom-made for Marathon gasolines. Marathon has exclusive use of them in our marketing territory - no other brand can offer gasolines with STP branded Additives in any market where the Marathon flag flies. The custom-made additives are separate from those products that STP retails off the shelf.

Updated: Thursday, May 25 2017