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Illinois Refining Division

  • Site: Located in Robinson, in southeastern Illinois, Crawford County
  • History: Built in 1906 by Lincoln Oil Company; purchased in 1924 by The Ohio Oil Company, predecessor of Marathon Petroleum
  • Refining Capacity: 206,000 barrels per calendar day
  • Crude Oil Supply: A wide range of both sweet and somes sour crude oils
  • Operations: Crude distillation, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, coking, reforming, alkylation and sulfur recovery
  • Products: Gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, anode-grade coke, propane, propylene, butane, benzene, slurry and sulfur
  • Product Distribution: Pipeline, truck and rail
  • Employment: Approximately 700 employees and 475 contract workers

Robinson Refinery Fact Sheet


For additional details on safety & environmental stewardship and community involvement, download the Illinois Refining Division Fact Sheet

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