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Special Products

MPC is a producer and marketer of various special products that are used in the production of everything from credit cards to heart valves. These products are shipped via pipeline, barge, rail, and transport truck from refineries or terminals to customers throughout the U.S.

Product availability varies by refinery and includes platformate, alkylate, FCCU gas, naptha, dry gas, propylene, raffinate, butane, benzene, xylene, molton sulfur, cumene and toluene. 

It is easy to think of a refining company in terms of its ability to produce gasoline and diesel fuel. However, MPC also produces a number of other products that are common ingredients in a variety of household items that people rely on every day. From the propylene used in plastic bottles and polymer carpeting to the cumene used in appliances and CDs to the off-gas used in making PVC pipes, specialty products are essential ingredients in our 21st century way of life.

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