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Corporate Citizenship

At Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC), we believe that doing the right thing is the right way to conduct our business.

In practice, the concept of corporate citizenship involves assessing all the potential ways that our actions impact others both inside and outside our operational fence lines. MPC's commitment to corporate citizenship means being accountable for our actions to a broad range of stakeholders -- investors, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, business partners, and others who have a stake in how MPC operates.

MPC has long-established core values associated with health and safety, diversity and inclusion, environmental stewardship and honesty and integrity. All of these corporate values are vital to MPC's financial performance and to our corporate image and reputation.

MPC manages its business to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic benefits to all stakeholders wherever we operate. By doing so, we create long-term value both for MPC and also in the communities where we work and live.


2013 Citizenship Report Cover

MPC 2013 Citizenship Report
As MPC manufactures the fuels and other products that make modern life possible, we take great care to do so responsibly. Our 2013 Citizenship Report provides information about our non-financial performance metrics, as well as our deep involvement in the communities where we are privileged to do business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at:

 2013 Citizenship Report (PDF; 10.5MB)



2012 Citizenship Report Cover

MPC 2012 Citizenship Report
MPC’s second corporate citizenship report focuses on the many ways our thousands of employees strengthen the communities in which they live and work. We also provide performance metrics in the areas of health and safety, environmental stewardship, economic impact and more. To offer your feedback on this year’s report, please email

 2012 Citizenship Report (PDF; 10.5MB)



2011 Annual Report Cover

MPC 2011 Citizenship Report
A key driver of MPC's success has been its long-time commitment to its values. MPC's first corporate citizenship report highlights these values by providing data about the company's performance in the areas of health and safety, environmental stewardship, diversity, governance and integrity, and economic impact. 

 2011 Citizenship Report (PDF; 7MB)


Printed copies may be obtained by contacting:
Public Affairs
Corporate Headquarters 
P. O. Box 1 
Findlay, OH 45839 
Phone: +1 419-422-2121