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College Graduate, Intern or Co-Op

Deciding where to pursue your career often comes down to intangibles.

Ask yourself a few questions when looking at the place where you might begin, or continue, your career. Do the employees look forward to coming to work each day? Are they given rewarding opportunities? Do they work well together? Are employees empowered to bring their skills and knowledge forward? Is the corporate culture nurturing, and are life experiences and diversity valued? What is the attitude toward the broader community and to health, safety and the environment?

MPC can answer those intangible questions affirmatively in our employee's own words, proving that MPC is a world-class refining, marketing and transportation company with much more to offer than just high performance stats and market prowess. But take note, we enjoy those too.

If you are starting out in a career, consider the places your experience at MPC could take you. Talented people often build an entire career here. Career growth and job satisfaction are also why MPC places such emphasis on programs such as mentoring.

If you are an experienced professional who wants to continue your growth to reach full potential, this could also be the place for you. The benefits are not intangible at all, but instead both competitive and attractive. It all adds up to a dollars and sense reason to contact MPC.