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Reporting Unethical Conduct

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) employees must immediately report any suspected illegal or unethical conduct connected with the business of MPC or its subsidiaries. The following summarizes MPC’s Reporting of Illegal or Unethical Conduct Policy:

  • Any employee who observes any activity which he or she believes is illegal or unethical shall advise his or her supervisor, the Internal Auditing Department, Human Resources Department, the Law Organization or Business Integrity and Compliance. Current information as to how and where employees may make such reports will be published by MPC on a regular basis by such means as the corporate intranet, company phone directories and company bulletin boards.
  • If a supervisor receives such a report, the supervisor must promptly advise the Internal Auditing Department, Human Resources Department, the Law Organization or the Business Integrity and Compliance.
  • Internal Auditing, Human Resources, Health, Environment, Safety & Security (HES&S) or the Law Organization shall investigate the allegations promptly and take necessary and appropriate action.
  • If requested by the employee source, MPC will treat the employee’s identity and the alleged illegal or unethical conduct as strictly confidential information, and will disclose the identity of such source only as necessary to comply with legal requirements to investigate the reported conduct. Those made aware of such employee’s identity shall be advised of the need for confidentiality.
  • No employee shall be discharged, disciplined, or otherwise disadvantaged in his or her career or suffer any other form of reprisal as a result of having reported in good faith suspected illegal or unethical conduct by others under this policy.