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Meals, Gifts and Entertainment

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) and its consolidated subsidiaries rely on employees to make business judgments based on MPC's best interest. Accepting meals, gifts and entertainment from vendors, contractors, competitors, or customers with whom MPC has a current or potential future relationship (vendors or customers) could adversely affect one's judgment or create the appearance of doing so. As a result, MPC has adopted guidelines to help employees decide whether meals, gifts and entertainment offered by vendors or customers may be accepted.

Summary of Guidelines

An employee shall not accept meals, gifts or entertainment provided or paid for by vendors or customers that could either unduly influence such employee’s decision made on behalf of the company or create the appearance of doing so.

Not excessively frequent
Not excessively expensive

Gifts Worth More Than $100
Supervisor written approval required

Entertainment Worth More Than $200
Supervisor written approval required

Prohibited Gifts and Entertainment Items Include:

  • A gift or loan of cash or securities.
  • A gift or entertainment of an unlawful, lewd or offensive nature.
  • A gift or entertainment based on the quantity or volume of merchandise or services purchased or acquired by the company.
  • A gift or entertainment offered in return for a specific decision or outcome, or offered with the expectation that it will unduly influence any decision an employee might make on behalf of the company.
  • Free or discounted personal services.