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Conflicts of Interest

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) relies on the good faith of its employees in the exercise of their responsibilities to the company. All business judgments on behalf of the company should be made by employees and agents exercising independent judgment in MPC's best interest. MPC fully respects employees’ rights to privacy in their personal affairs and financial activities. However, employees must avoid situations in which their personal activities are or may appear to be in conflict with their responsibilities to the company. 

Generally, a conflict exists when the personal interests or activities (financial or otherwise) of an employee (or their immediate family) may influence the exercise of his or her independent judgment in the performance of one or more duties to the company. There may be cases where such conflicts are more theoretical than real, but the appearance of a conflict can be as damaging as an actual conflict.

Because it is not possible to list all situations or relationships that might create conflicts of interest problems, and because each situation must be evaluated based on its individual facts, employees should promptly disclose to their supervisors or managers any facts or circumstances which might constitute a conflict of interest or give the appearance of such a conflict. Employees are encouraged to obtain assistance from the Business Integrity and Compliance, Law and Internal Audit organizations to determine if a conflict exists and, if so, how it should be resolved.

 Conflict of Interest Policy